Cammie doesn't wanna be with you! Can't you understand that?!

Aaron is a supporting antagonist in One Night in Doom House. He is portrayed by Andrew Herr.


Aaron is the typical bad boy. He dresses in black, often wears leather and rides a motorcycle as well.


Aaron is very stuck up and is often rude to people who he dislikes. This is shown when he flirts with Cammie, despite the fact that he knows she is dating Max.

He doesn't believe in ghosts and often taunts Max, due to his jealousy of Max's relationship with Cammie.


Cammie Cahill (crush; teammate)

Aaron has a rather obvious crush on Cammie and despite the fact she's dating Max, he still tries to flirt with her and get her to ditch Max for him. They used to be on the dance team together.

Aaron Threatening Max

Aaron threatening Max after knocking him off a bike.

Max Doyle (enemy)

Max is Aaron's enemy. Max hasn't done or said anything rude to Aaron throughout the film, but it is likely that they are enemies because of the fact that Aaron's jealous of Max's relationship with Cammie. Aaron is shown as being mean and taunting to Max, even going so far as to purposely knock him off a bike just to threaten him.


  • In the book, Aaron is actually Max's best friend. However, in the film, he is the exact opposite and is incredibly rude to Max.
  • His dad is said to be rich.
  • He owns a motorcycle.


Pull over, Doyle! I need to talk you!