What's this all about, Max?

Cammie Cahill is a deuteragonist in the film and book series Mostly Ghostly and is the love interest of Max Doyle. She replaces Traci Walker, from the book series.


Cammie is a very pretty girl with naturally curly long blonde hair (formally red) and hazel eyes. She often wears trendy clothes and sweaters or hoodies.


Cammie is usually very nice, but there are times when she can get annoyed. At first, she doesn't believe in the supernatural; this is shown when Max tells her that he has actual ghosts in his house to which she doesn't believe him and tells him they should "take a break."

Cammie seems to prefer using common sense and logic to explain things. She is also loyal and cares for the people close to her.


Max Doyle (boyfriend)

See: Max and Cammie

Max is Cammie's boyfriend. At the beginning the film, they are shown to have a good relationship and show their affection for each other, but when Max tells her that he has ghosts in his house, she thinks he's lying and their relationship "takes a break" which eventually turns into a break up.

However, despite the two not being in good terms, Cammie is still shown to care for Max. This is seen when Max is about to be destroyed along with the doom house, but Cammie comes along and saves his life. They eventually get back together in the end.

Aaron (admirer; admired by)

Aaron has a huge, and rather obvious, crush on Cammie. Despite her being in a relationship with Max, he still flirts with her and tried to get her to ditch Max for him. At one point, he threatened Max and was glad to taunt him about his relationship with Cammie.


  • Cammie is one of the few characters to have a different hair colour in each film she appears in.