This is the list of the current number of books in the Mosly Ghostly series. The books were all written by R.L. Stine.


Who Let The Ghosts Out

Mostly Ghostly #1 "Who Let The Ghosts Out?

  • Little Camp Of Horrors
  • Ghouls Gone Wild
    Mostly Ghostly -2

    Mostly Ghostly #2 "Have You Met My Ghoulfriend?"

    One Night In Doom House

    Mostly Ghostly #3 "One Night In Doom House"

  • Let's Get This Party Haunted!
  • Freaks And Shrieks
  • Don't Close Your Eyes
Little Camp Of Horrors

Mostly Ghostly #4 "Little Camp Of Horrors"

Ghouls Gone Wild

Mostly Ghostly #4 "Ghouls Gone Wild"