Phoebe is a character in One Night in Doom House. She is portrayed by Vivian Full.


Phoebe is a very pretty girl with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She always wears her hair in pigtails and wears tons of jewellery. Her style is very flashy and eccentric.

One Night In Doom House 

Phoebe is Max Doyle and Cammie Cahill's friend and supports them both by going to the Haunted House. She harbours a secret crush on Max. It was her crystal replicas that Max uses to save everyone from Phears.


Phoebe is very sweet, bubbly and caring towards her friends, family and those she cares about.


Max (friend; classmate)

Phoebe has a secret crush on Max, though he doesn't return her feelings. She helped him defeat Phears, by giving him a duplicate rock from her bead collection.